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There is a rise in specialisation inside of basic surgical procedure and now even inside of its sub specialties. Colorectal surgical procedure is one of the biggest of the subspecialties of normal surgical procedure, and one of many components the place trainees and advisor basic /colorectal surgeons are least convinced is of their figuring out of the anatomy, physiological pathology and administration of the anal canal and pelvis.

Currently on hand there are books out there concentrated round the common administration of colorectal illness, however the time is now correct for a definitive textual content at the anal canal and pelvis in particular.

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Gosling and A. Emmanuel endings within the rectum is still unknown. One explanation is that the rectal stretching causes stretching of the pelvic floor. Walls described ‘stretch receptors’ in levator ani and the external anal sphincter [87]. This could explain the ability of patients with an ileopouch anal anastomosis to detect balloon distension and why this distension elicits the same sensation of fullness and urgency. Rectal distension is transmitted via the parasympathetic nervous system to the S 2, 3 and 4 nerve roots.

Shown to reduce rectal compliance [98]. The postprandial increase in rectal tone is lower in chronically constipated patients. Neurophysiology Although there are disease conditions which affect rectal compliance, firm conclusions are EMG difficult to draw as there are no accepted indica- Single-fibre EMG calculating EAS fibre density tions for the routine clinical use of the barostat. is another method of assessing denervation and J. Gosling and A. Emmanuel 30 reinnervation of the EAS. It is used almost exclusively as a research tool and has not made it into routine clinical practice, maybe because of the invasive nature and complexity.

Pudendal nerve damage can occur by stretching during childbirth, stretching due to pelvic floor descent or entrapment. Entrapment can occur when the nerve emerges from between coccygeus and piriformis, at the greater or lesser sciatic notches or in the pudendal (Alcock’s) canal. Pudendal nerve damage therefore seems likely to be a contributory factor in patients with incontinence without structural sphincter defects. As such idiopathic faecal incontinence is now commonly termed neuropathic faecal incontinence in contrast to myopathic faecal incontinence which occurs with sphincter defects.

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