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She will be able to heal her personal wounds. she will be able to nail a monster to a wall. yet there’s one probability Evangeline Stone by no means observed coming. Been there. performed that. Evy Stone is a former Dreg Bounty Hunter who died and got here again to lifestyles with a few remarkable powers. Now all yet 5 humans on this planet imagine she is lifeless back, this time for good—immolated in a manufacturing facility hearth set in particular for her. Evy and Wyatt, her partner/lover/friend, can not belief their former allies, or perhaps the top echelons of the Triads—the military of combatants retaining again from an unsuspecting public a tide of quarreling, otherworldly creatures—they can belief purely one another. simply because whilst the Triads raided a macabre, monster-filled lab of technology experiments and hauled away the remnants, they didn't catch their writer: a super, vampire-obsessed scientist with a wealth of robust, anti-Dreg weaponry to exchange for what he wishes so much of all—Evy Stone: alive and good, and the main to his final test in mad technology.

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A tremor vibrated through my feet, into my legs, all the way to my chest. I faltered. Stopped walking. The vibration was so faint, I was certain I'd imagined it. Like the gentlest of earthquakes, it was there and gone in seconds. "Whoa," I muttered. " Wyatt asked. He'd stopped an arm's reach from his car and was looking at a point just past my head, but close enough. " Leo asked. "Small earthquake, just now. " He wasn't lying. I saw it in his face. So why had Wyatt and I felt it? "Probably nothing, then," Wyatt said.

BANTAM BOOKS and the rooster colophon are registered trademarks of Random House, Inc. This book contains an excerpt from the forthcoming book Wrong Side of Dead by Kelly Meding. This excerpt has been set for this edition only and may not reflect the final content of the forthcoming edition. 1 For Mom and Dad--- there aren't enough ways to say "thank you" Acknowledgments As always, special thanks to the usual suspects who've helped shape this series into what it's become---my fabulous agent, Jonathan Lyons; my equally fabulous editor, Anne Groell; the awesome David Pomerico and the amazing and patient folks at Bantam/Random House and Suvudu.

Or were attacked---either way, she had to be referencing the earlier earthquake. "Could they have turned on the other Fey? " He shook his head. "Then why come to us after being stabbed? " I thought of how the avatar's eyes had flashed, glowed that brilliant white at the moment of death. " His eyes widened. "I have no idea. " My stomach twisted as the implications caught up with me. Had Jaron come to the city to tell us something important about a betrayal? One so big she'd dragged her wounded avatar across town to find us, only to die before giving up anything useful?

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