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Some shelters continue to use carbon monoxide chambers because managers believe the method is easier for staff or cheaper for the organization. But more often, they do so because the laws in their state prevent shelter personnel from obtaining sodium pentobarbital and other drugs necessary to the procedure. The euthanasia of pets in animal shelters has long caused much anguish. But most debate tends to address the best ways to end the need for it. Everyone in the animal sheltering field dreams of the day when the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals is a thing of the past.

Getty Images Drumming up good PR. Like you, principals seek publicity for their schools and are tasked with building a strong reputation for their programs; trained in public relations, they look for ways to accentuate the positive. Along with competitive test scores and good student behavior, innovative academic programs and successful community partnerships with organizations like yours top the list of their favorite selling points. Hands-on school projec ts that benefit your agency—such as “wish list” collections and awards (think “most humane student/teacher”)—allow a school to shine in the media.

When Lewis’s frontline officers go into a courtroom, they’re instructed to wear a dress uniform, preferably with a tie and shined shoes. “It forecasts a professional presence,” says Lewis. ” If a uniform is not an option, wear dark, formal business attire; you may not be a lawyer, but you’ll look like you could play one on TV. “Wear conservative dress that carries with it the message that ‘I respect the process, I respect the courtroom, and I am a professional,’ ” says Heiser. Your posture should convey your professionalism as well—mind what your mother taught you, and don’t slouch.

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