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By Peter J. Chenoweth, Steven Lorton

ISBN-10: 1780643160

ISBN-13: 9781780643168

This e-book comprises 19 chapters that debate theoretical and utilized andrology for family, zoo and wild animals. subject matters contain semen and its components; sperm creation and harvest; determinants of sperm morphology; sperm coaching for fertilization; sensible features of semen cryopreservation; assessment of semen within the andrology laboratory; genetic features of male replica; rising strategies and destiny improvement of semen overview and dealing with and utilized andrology in cats, canines, fowls, turkeys, sheep, goats, cervids, horses, farm animals, zebu, buffaloes, pigs, camelids, zoo animals and wild animals. it will likely be of use for these instructing animal body structure at a tertiary point and a reference for these drawn to male animal reproductive review, functionality and in semen evaluate, dealing with and use for synthetic breeding. on hand In Print

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This is beneficial for the AI industry, because it reduces the total time required to collect and process the maximal quantity of semen for a given male. 14. Frequency of ejaculation and daily sperm output (DSO) of stallions. 15. Increase in sperm output attributable to sexual preparation of bulls. Ejaculations/wk 1 2 2 4 4 4 6 No. E. Berndtson Stimulus pressure to maintain libido Although the frequencies of ejaculation required to maximize sperm harvest are not excessive, males maintained on such schedules can experience reduced libido.

Because the acrosome develops during spermatogenesis from the Golgi apparatus, it has been referred to as a specialized lysosome. The posterior region of the sperm head (the post-acrosomal region) undergoes changes during post-testicular maturation in the epididymides. , 2002). Enzymes that have been reported to be present in the acrosome include: hyaluronidase, proacrosin, acrosin, esterases, neuraminidase, acid phosphatase, phospholipases, aryl phosphatase, b-Nacetylglucosaminidase, arylamidase, collagenase 36 A.

E. Berndtson periods, respectively. 00, respectively. , 1986). , 1986). However, whereas intense exercise would be unexpected for most farm animals, its effects are of interest relative to stallions used simultaneously for breeding and athletic competition. Janett et al. (2006) assessed the impact of repeated strenuous exercise on the seminal characteristics of 11 stallions 7–19 year old. They collected one ejaculate/week during each of four consecutive 4 week pretreatment (Period 1), exercise (Period 2) and post-exercise (Periods 3 and 4) periods.

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Animal andrology: theories and applications by Peter J. Chenoweth, Steven Lorton

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