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He wasn't surprised when there was no answer. He hadn't expected it to work. With a curse, he stepped back and looked up again. He was finding it hard to believe that the conservationist lived in such a building, so he took out the slip of paper he'd written her address on. After double-checking the street and the number Grace had given him, he thought maybe it was a working studio. A cold gust of wind shot down the street and he glanced in its direction. He'd tried calling Ms. Burke a number of times throughout the day, but hadn't gotten so much as an answering machine.

Her head tilted to the side, as if she were waiting for him to prove it. He shrugged. "I know you graduated at the top of your class, with highest honors, from NYU's master's program in conservation. That's a damn good indicator of interest and aptitude. I know your professors liked you and thought you had talent and a willingness to work. " Her eyes skipped away to the front door of her building. She was no doubt eager to put those keys in her hand to good use. " "The! head of your former department holds the Walker Chair in Art History.

Fine. " She frowned, looking down at his card. " "No, still here. Ten o'clock? " When she hesitated, he said dryly, "If it makes you more comfortable, I'll get a chaperon. " She gripped the phone. " Callie wrote down the name of his suite and hung up the phone, her heart racing. When she put her hand on her chest and felt buttons, she looked down at herself. She'd slept in her clothes. Well, not really slept. Debating the wisdom of what she'd agreed to do, she went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

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