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By Prof. Leiba Rodman (auth.)

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This e-book presents an advent to the fashionable thought of polynomials whose coefficients are linear bounded operators in a Banach area - operator polynomials. This conception has its roots and purposes in partial differential equations, mechanics and linear structures, in addition to in glossy operator conception and linear algebra. during the last decade, new advances were made within the thought of operator polynomials in keeping with the spectral method. the writer, besides different mathematicians, participated during this improvement, and lots of of the hot effects are mirrored during this monograph. it's a excitement to recognize aid given to me through many mathematicians. First i want to thank my instructor and colleague, I. Gohberg, whose information has been beneficial. all through decades, i've got labored wtih numerous mathematicians near to operator polynomials, and, for that reason, their principles have stimulated my view of the topic; those are I. Gohberg, M. A. Kaashoek, L. Lerer, C. V. M. van der Mee, P. Lancaster, ok. Clancey, M. Tismenetsky, D. A. Herrero, and A. C. M. Ran. the next mathematicians gave me recommendation bearing on a variety of elements of the ebook: I. Gohberg, M. A. Kaashoek, A. C. M. Ran, okay. Clancey, J. Rovnyak, H. Langer, P.

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T L(X ,Y) Is invertible. Indeed, the part "only if" follows from the definitions of spectral pairs. 2). Observe that if (X,T 1 ) is a right spectral pair of a monic operator polynomial L(X), then Tl is a global linearization of L(X). 3) is a right spectral pair of L(X) and CL is a global linearization of L(A). Since any two right spectral pairs are similar, our observation follows. Analogously, the operator T2 taken from a left spectral pair (T 2 ,Y) of L(A) is a global linearization for L(A). 1, Tl and T2 are similar.

7) applied with A = Xij . 8) obviously implies that Xij for all i,j. 2. 3, all its operator entries are in Sp' (1 $ j $ n ~ In particular, Ajn E Sp m), which implies that Hn E Sp In' the fact that s (Aj ) = (s (H »l/n, q n q n q (Here we use = 1,2, . . ) Conversely, Sec. 6 EXERCISES let Hn e Spin' n = 1, ... ,m. 6 35 Then Ajn esp' and hence by • Exercises Ex. 1. Let a,b e X Let X be a Banach algebra with identity e. e-a) g (A ) where 0 is an open set containing ala) U alb), and f(A) and g(A) are invertible analytic X-valued functions defined on O.

Then (Tf)(z) A where = Namely, let T E L(C(aOo'X» f [I-L(~)]f(~)d<; ao o TI Im Q, and 01 is another Cauchy domain such that 01 c 00 and ~(L) n 00 cOl' is a linearization of L(X) with respect to 00. 4 Operator polynomials that are multiples of identity modulo compacts Let X be a Banach space, and consider the following algebra of operators: A = {X E L(X) I X = aI+K for some a e C and some compact operator K}. Sec. 4 SPECIAL CLASS 23 Thus, X • A if and only if X is a scalar multiple of I modulo the ideal of compact operators.

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