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Mangolds are greatly prized in the early spring for keeping the milk in suckling ewes, yet an analysis shows only a lot of water and a small amount of carbohydrate. Equally well, many feeds fed at the wrong time can have detrimental effects. A competent stock feeder must have an intimate knowledge of all these facts, and it is at this point where the skill and craft in stockfeeding meet with the scientific approach to the problem. The following are brief notes on the major characteristics of feeds in common use.

Write out the details of symptoms, treatment, and so on, of any stock you know that have suffered from a vitamin deficiency. C H A P T E R 8 Digestion and the digestive of farm animals systems DIGESTION is the process by which the complex substances found in the food are broken down into simpler substances. The animal is then able to absorb these through the wall of the gut and use them in its metabolism. Some simple compounds such as glucose or common salt require no digestion, and can be absorbed as they are, but the more complex constituents require digestion.

The process of respiration, for example, may be simply regarded as the breakdown of sugars and release of energy, but it is in fact a whole chain of reactions, and the mineral phosphorus plays a very important part at every stage. MINERALS IN THE PLANT Plants obtain minerals from the soil in which they are growing. The minerals must be in the form of simple salts dissolved in the soil moisture before they can be taken up by the root hairs into the plant. g. sugars, protein. g. common salt. 29 30 An Introduction to Feeding Farm Livestock consequently, from a deficiency.

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