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By Claudia Gray

Destiny awaits Bianca and Lucas. . . .

Bianca and Lucas think they can suffer whatever to be jointly. whilst destiny transforms Bianca right into a ghostly wraith and turns Lucas right into a vampire—the very creature he spent his existence hunting—they are left reeling.

There is just one position Lucas can flip for aid . . . Evernight Academy. however the vampire hunters of Black go are nonetheless pursuing them, and a last conflict among wraiths and vampires looms at Evernight. Bianca and Lucas are dealing with risks on each side—sometimes even from their oldest acquaintances and allies. They’ve conquer each quandary existence has thrown at them, yet is their love powerful adequate to outlive the demanding situations after life?

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I just wasn’t sure I could do it anymore, or that it would do any good. No simple physical force could pull me back from the vortex. But I wanted to hold Lucas’s hand at least one more time, even if I couldn’t do anything else. So with every ounce of my strength and concentration, I thought about the place where my hand should be, and carved out the image of the wrist, the palm, and the fingers. A soft blue form appeared, fragile as a wisp of smoke. It was nothing like it should have been; maybe this was what wraiths looked like just before they vanished forever.

Do you think he’s able to help her? He asked me to leave his class. The reminder would be too painful, he said. So that sounds like a no. Bianca, why don’t you appear to them? I hate lying to them that you’re completely gone, forever. Mom and Dad hate the wraiths. They did everything they could to stop me from turning into one and wouldn’t say one word to me about my becomiilg anything but a vampire. The next words were hard, but I forced myself to finish: I’m afraid they’d r ect and hate me. too.

Y ou heard me. ” Lucas raked his fingers through my hair, “How did you know about that nightmare? ” “I tried, but I couldn’t break through. ” His lips brushed against my forehead as he spoke. “W e’ll work on it. ” I realized that this was the first moment Lucas had truly seemed like himself since he’d risen from the dead. Saving me had given him back a sense of purpose — a reason to be here. And I realized that he was my reason to be here, too. Lucas studied me in the dim moonlight, once again focused and sure.

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