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The booklet investigates the interface constitution of the lexicon from numerous views, together with typology and processing. It surveys paintings on verb sessions, verb-noun similarities, semantic representations, recommendations and structures of polysynthetic languages, examine at the processing of inflectional and derivational parts, and new paintings on inheritance-based community versions. The booklet should be of curiosity to researchers and complex scholars in all fields of linguistics and within the cognitive sciences.

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Lexical information has to be derivationally available before the level of deep structure. Chomsky’s motivation for putting the lexicon inside syntax may derive from the conception of phrase structure rules in the former Syntactic Structures model. Based on this conception, it may have been natural to regard the lexicon as a part of the syntactic base although this is not a necessary conclusion. In any case, from then on the lexicon was regarded as an integral part of grammar, a fact that distinguishes Generative Grammar most strikingly from traditional and structuralist approaches to linguistics.

A. S. ), 184–221. Waltham: Ginn & Co (Reprinted in Chomsky 1972b: 11–61). 1970 b Deep structure, surface structure, and semantic interpretation. In Studies in General and Oriental Linguistics Presented to Shiro Hattori an the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday, R. Jacobson and S. ). Tokio: TEC (Reprinted in Chomsky 1972b: 62–119). 1972 a Some empirical issues in the theory of transformational grammar. In The Goals of Linguistic Theory, S. ). Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall (Reprinted in Chomsky 1972b: 120–202).

Primitive) to which corresponding phonol. realizations are assigned ( also lexicalist vs. transformationalist hypothesis). g. in specifying the use of the word lexicon in different linguistic schools), it will become obvious later on that they are not quite satisfactory in one point: It has to be assumed that not only words are stored in a lexicon, but also idioms (cf. ), possibly also morphemes (like learn- and -ed ) (cf. g. Schwarze & Wunderlich 1985: 9). Handke (1995) tries to subsume the different readings of lexicon under the common denominator of word-store (cf.

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