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By Mario E. Moreira

ISBN-10: 0470746637

ISBN-13: 9780470746639

Adapting Configuration administration for Agile Teams presents very tangible techniques on how Configuration administration with its practices and infrastructure could be tailored and controlled so one can at once gain agile groups. Written via Mario E. Moreira, writer of Software Configuration administration Implementation Roadmap, columnist for CM Crossroads on-line group and author for the Agile Journal, this special booklet presents concrete information on tailoring CM for Agile tasks with out sacrificing the rules of Configuration administration.

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This role may be held by a mid-level CM professional (or a junior-level CM professional if the build process and technology are well defined and very stable). This role can apply to traditional and Agile methods. The skills needed for this role include: ■ ■ ■ Build Technology skills – knowledge of compilers, continuous build technologies, and build utilities like make and Ant. Build process skills – ability to establish build processes, understand parallel and continuous build concepts and how to implement them.

CM professionals have a variety of titles today. Reviewing the CM responsibilities is a reasonable way to help prescribe the skill sets needed to handle the responsibilities. This can help differentiate between the various CM roles and help the hiring manager identify the right person for the CM job. The important point is to align the CM title with the responsibilities and skills. ’’ That way the name is reflective of the responsibilities and therefore the skills. From the skills needed, you can establish a better job description to identify the best CM professional to meet your needs.

This helps us ensure the integrity of the product under development so that it can be determined if the actual configuration of the product and changes therein are aligned with the physical and functional specification that were agreed upon. In other words, is what we said we would change actually what was changed and were there any unauthorized changes? Identify Figure 2-6 Control Audit Report Third value of CM – audit. The sub-processes of Audit include two activities. The first is to analyze the baselines and processes.

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