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It is a reference grammar of the traditional spoken number of Tamil, which differs appreciably from the literary language. This ebook, a far multiplied model of the author's Grammar of Spoken Tamil (1979) is the 1st such grammar to include examples either in Tamil script and in transliteration, and is designed to be obtainable to scholars learning the fashionable spoken language in any respect degrees in addition to to linguists and different experts. The ebook has benefited from broad native-speaker enter and the author's personal lengthy adventure of educating Tamil to English-speakers.

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PHONOLOGY AND TRANSLITERATION be geminated except for the r-like sounds rj r and \g r. That is, all lateral sounds, nasal consonants, the glide uj y and all stops, including alveolar CD r can occur doubled, and many do get doubled as a result of some morphological or morphophonemic process. A sequence of two geminate consonants is actually twice as long as its single analog after short vowels; after long vowels, the sequence is not as long as after short vowels, but longer than a single consonant.

14 After short vowels, the phonetic value of geminate consonants is to be understood as longer in duration than a single voiceless consonant; after long vowels, geminate consonants are actually not as long as after a short vowel, but we represent them as double and long, anyway, in order to avoid the confusion that results when a single stop occurs intervocalically. That is, LT Curr® 'put, place, serve' is poodu in ST, but Guml© 'having put, placed, served' is poottu in our transcription, rather than *pootu.

E. changing ownership (dative ukku). (5) ^urrSLClL. e. e. 3. 4 33 Ablative Case The ablative case is used to express motion away from an object or person. 2 axLiuCprrflLdlQaxujfesj laybreeriylerundu 'from the library' A n i m a t e Nouns With animate nouns the postposition SilQi_ kitte 'near, on the person o f must be used as a locative base, with ©jfe^J rundu added to it. g ^nsjQdb ange 'there'), are never marked for locative, since they are already semantically locative, so the ablative, which is usually built on the locative form, is affixed directly to them.

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