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Rights are easy construction blocks of the modern country, but their rigorous justification is tough. This ebook offers a radical research of this valuable subject, and demanding situations the orthodox view that rights are a kind of estate declare in one's physique. Drawing at the culture of the social agreement in addition to the wealth of contemporary paintings in political concept, Ingram conceives of rights as one of those political declare, and exhibits how they are often justified in a manner fairly suited for the pluralistic nature of up to date liberal society.

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It is related to being in command of one's own life and so with the idea of being a master or dominus which, historically, goes with being the overlord of property. But the identification of dominion and ownership is contingent. Alongside that sense has always run another, according to which having dominion is having a power to rule. Ruling does not entail (although it may sometimes involve) 37 Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, ch. 30, pp. 382–3. 38 Tuck, Natural Rights Theories, 3. 39 Philip B. ), The Founders' Constitution, i.

Why should the distribution be one of unfettered proprietary powers? The answer is, I suggest, historical and relative, not perennial and absolute. The meaning of self-ownership has been shaped by its historical role as a response to the doctrines and practices of political absolutism in seventeenth-century Europe. To see how the response is fed by the character of the particular power problem it addresses it will be useful to outline the main features of the doctrine of absolute power. Its most famous defender was Sir Robert Filmer, whose book Patriarcha is the target of the first of Locke's Two Treatises of Government.

The Principle of Self-Ownership So my proposed derivation of rights against the state departs from the tradition of belief in natural ‘given’ rights. It departs even more radically in another respect. The notion that a theory of rights is to capture——that individuals have a distinctive moral position as self-governors of some sort——is standardly expressed as the principle of individual self-ownership. This holds that each human being is the morally rightful owner of her person and powers. ’36 But Thomas Hobbes had held the doctrine before Locke: ‘Of things held in propriety those that are dearest to a 35 I am using the terms ‘natural law’ to cover realist moral theories and ‘constructivism’ to cover anti-realist theories (though some people may be unhappy about this usage).

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