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In this booklet the writer makes an attempt to maneuver past simply deciding upon and substantiating OT allusions in Revelation to contemplating how the presence of OT allusions and echoes impacts examining Rev. 21.1-22.5 and the way the OT features in the context of the total paintings. the writer concludes number of semantic results come to mind through the author's non-stop intertextual attract the OT: new construction, new exodus, new Jerusalem, new covenant, bridge, new temple-priesthood, paradise restored and renewed, inclusion of the countries, prophetic legitimization. the various allusions functionality to form the reader's belief of eschatological hope.

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17-20 in Rev. 1-5 renders unnecessary van Ruiten's appeal to direct dependence on 1 Enoch for John's formulation. 11, and further heightens the contrast between the old and the new order. The 'former things' of Isa. 17findtheir antecedent in the 'former troubles' in v. 16b, recalling the distress and pain of past exile. 11). 31 26. Van Ruiten, 'Intertextual Relationship', pp. 481-82. 27. Fekkes, Isaiah, p. 228. Cf. R. Beasley-Murray, The Book of Revelation (NCB; London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 1974), p.

What meanings are produced by John's allusive appeal to the Old Testament? In order to accomplish this, this study will employ such methods as examining the original context, meaning and vocabulary of the Old Testament allusion or echo, and the immediate and remote contexts and vocabulary of Rev. 5 in order to uncover semantic connections between the two contexts and determine the function of Old Testament allusions. Fekkes summarizes an appropriate methodology when he observes: It is not enough merely to be sympathetic to the presence and influence of possible Old Testament texts.

113; idem, 'Einen neuen Himmel und eine neue Erde', p. 305). 40. 14 'can only confirm that the author speaks, according to a literal understanding of v. la and b, not of a renewing or transformation, but of a complete downfall of the existing world and a total new creation' {Das neue Testament, pp. 116-17). This argument is not conclusive, however, since the sea does not appear to play a similar role in Rev. e. it is not renewed or recreated. Thus, a different process could conceivably apply to the heaven and earth.

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