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By Joey W. Hill

ISBN-10: 0425230686

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A narrative of 2 enthusiasts who couldn't be extra assorted. Daughter to an angel and a mermaid, Alexis has grown up in peaceable waters. So while her nightmares commence, the mer-angel has little concept what to make of them. In her dream is the loneliest guy Alexis has ever met-and she's surprisingly interested in him. until eventually the evening her dream comes true... Born of a vampire and a depressing One, Dante purely understands brutality. And even if he is the chief of the underworld, he longs to flee it. How higher than to carry for ransom the leading Legion Commander's daughter? yet there is something Dante by no means deliberate on-the means Alexis steals his middle.

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This was no dream. html she'd known Dante was real all along, hadn't she? That's why she'd been unable to deny him, deny his pain. He'd used it to trap her, take her wherever this was. The air was stifling, heavy. It was difficult to draw air into her lungs, and for a frightening moment, she thought she was somewhere there was no oxygen, no way to breathe with gills or lungs. But realizing she had oxygen was a short-lived relief. There was something wrong here, something draining the energy from her like a punctured gas can.

A strangled sob escaped Anna, and Jonah laid a hand on her hair. " Anna caught an edge of Jonah's wing, mopping her eyes in the feathers before tears could fall. "I'm fine. Alexis needs me to be fine. " She set her jaw and locked gazes with Mina. " The harsh mother's anger that rolled through the cave was so unlike Anna's gentle voice, a shiver rippled up David's spine. But Mina simply nodded. html WHEN Alexis roused from her postcoital doze, her limbs felt heavy. It was strange to feel unwell and sexually sated at once.

He raised a shoulder. "Once she'd known I was in your dreams, she would have sealed that avenue to me. It has taken me a very long time to build it. " Over twenty years. Alexis couldn't wrap her mind around the idea of dedicating twenty years to anything, but then, what else was there to do here? Starbucks obviously hadn't set up a franchise in this place. Mentally she thanked Clara for helping her develop an involuntary sense of humor, to carry her through times completely devoid of it. Until now, she'd never realized how useful it might be in a crisis situation.

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