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By Stephani Hecht

ISBN-10: 1554874440

ISBN-13: 9781554874446

Jaguar shifter, Brent, is at the most vital challenge of his existence, to discover his lacking brothers. Separated years in the past while their kinfolk domestic used to be attacked through the Ravens, Brent hasn't ever forgotten his misplaced siblings and may do whatever to deliver them again domestic. Then he reveals out that one guy holds the major to their position, a Hawk shifter named Daniel.
Daniel has been at the run from the Ravens ever due to the fact that they approximately eliminated all of his sort. Hiding through dwelling as a human, the very last thing he desires is to be sucked again into the shifter global. Then he wakes as much as discover a Jaguar shifter in his bed room, hard his support. even if he desires to refuse, Daniel takes one examine the desperation in Brent’s eyes and is aware he has to help.
Even the smallest baby understands that cats and birds don’t combine. It nonetheless doesn’t cease the 2 men’s turning out to be allure to one another. while they try new and previous enemies, their emotions of affection develop. Will they be capable of conquer a lifetime’s worthy of hatred and prejudice to be jointly? Or will they've got the pay the final word fee for romance?

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Shit,” Brent whispered as horror slowly crept over his face. “That’s why the Ravens turned against you and nearly wiped out all the Hawk shifters. ” Daniel swallowed hard as he clenched his hands into tight fists. Years worth of guilt and failure washed over him. “You can’t blame yourself. The Ravens are vicious. ” Brent reached out and touched Daniel’s arm. “You’re research no doubt told you I was leader of the Hawks at the time. ” “It also told us you were just barely out of your teens at the time.

Then why in the hell did you break into my house? ” Brent allowed his gaze to slowly travel up and down the male’s body before stopping at his cock. ” “I’m sure you didn’t go to all the trouble of tracking me down just for a good screw,” Daniel snapped. Brent could see a slight flush come over the man’s cheeks. He knew this really wasn’t the time or place for this type of conversation, but couldn’t put a lid on his impulse to goad the man. Caught up in thinking of what he was going to say next, he almost missed it when Daniel brought his hand back and threw a different knife in his direction.

It’s balls numbing cold. ” “You Jaguars never can take the cold. You’re all such big pussies about it. ” “I’ll make sure I let Mitchell know you said that when we get back. ” Brent lifted his hand to wipe his nose only to find his snot had frozen in place. Greeaaat…someone call GQ because this had to be his sexiest moment ever. All that was missing was him sticking his tongue to a flagpole and the picture would be complete. “I don’t have to worry about Mitchell’s wrath. He already has it all heaped on you for not coming home for Christmas,” Rat drawled.

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