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By Roger S. Macomber

ISBN-10: 0471157368

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Macomber's e-book doesn't presume a rigorous useful or theoretical historical past in NMR for the reader. it truly is a useful first step for college kids and self-teachers of NMR. it's an outstanding gateway to extra in depth or mathematical texts.

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The encapsulation by a soft lipid membrane could potentially lead to the controlled release of drugs in targeted organs or tissues. For diagnostic purposes, liposomes have been investigated for drug delivery, gene transfer, and immunodiagnostic applications (43). Liposomal contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and positron emission tomography have also been investigated (44–47). Air- and gas-filled microbubbles have shown favorable acoustic properties, which make them attractive as ultrasound diagnostic agents (44,48–51).

Scanning for parents that undergo losses of the head-group or a component of the head-group will identify PC (or sphingomyelin) species as lithiated adducts by ESI-MS/MS in a crude phospholipid extract. , neutral loss of 189, 183, and 59 amu), identifies both glycerolipid and sphingolipid parents that contain the phosphocholine head-group in a phospholipid mixture (74). After determination of the phosphocholine-containing species, product-ion scans of the individual species yield fragment ions that facilitate the assignment of the FA composition of the PC species.

Specifically, constant neutral loss scans of 147 amu and 43 amu identify the PE species and, in addition, constant neutral loss scanning of 433 amu identifies the PE species containing arachidonic acid in the sn-2 position. The advantages of using lithiated adducts of PE for structural characterization by ESI-MS have been reported to include increased abundances of the [M + Li]+ ions, compared to the low abundances of the [M + Na]+ ions, and abundant fragment ions after CID of the [M + Li]+, compared to the limited structural information obtained from sodiated adducts (88).

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