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By Laurell K. Hamilton

ISBN-10: 0345435273

ISBN-13: 9780345435279

I'm Princess Meredith, inheritor to a throne–if i will be able to remain alive lengthy sufficient to assert it. My cousin, Prince Cel, is set to work out that I don’t. so long as we either dwell, we're in a race for the crown: Whichever one among us reproduces first will get the throne. So now the lads of my royal safeguard– scary warriors expert with blade, spell, and gun–have turn into my fanatics, auditioning with excitement for the function of destiny king and father of my baby. they usually needs to nonetheless guard me from assassination attempts–for in contrast to many of the fey, i'm half human, and intensely mortal. All this royal back-stabbing makes it very tough for me to pursue my dwelling as a personal investigator in la, in particular because the media made certain the complete international understands the Faerie princess is alive and good in sunny California.Now, within the urban of Angels, everyone is demise in mysterious, scary methods. What the human police don’t detect is that the killer is looking the fey besides. Havoc lies at the horizon: the very lifestyles of where referred to as Faerie is at grave hazard. So now, whereas I benefit from the maximum pleasures of my lifestyles with my guardians, i have to fend off an old evil which could spoil the very cloth of fact. And that’s simply my day task. . . .From the darkling throng to the glittering courtroom, this can be a international of magic and delights, greed and ugly goals. Laurell ok. Hamilton has created a mythos of utmost strength and natural attractiveness that may be a pride to behold.

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His hair was a shining fall of white curls caressing his bare shoulders, trailing down the strong line of his back. The right side of his face was pressed to the pillow, and so I couldn\'t see the scars where his eye had been taken. His cupid-bow mouth was turned upward, half smiling in his sleep. He was boyishly handsome and would be forever. Nicca lay curled on his side. Awake, his face was handsome, bordering on pretty; asleep, he had the face of an angelic child. Innocent he looked, fragile.

Was far enough away to keep us safe, but I guess if someone really wants you dead, they\'ll catch a plane or something with wings. After years of exile I finally had a little slice of home with me. Home never really changed. It had Page 10 Laurell K. Hamilton: Meredith Gentry 02 A Caress of Twilight always been lovely, erotic, and very, very dangerous. � Chapter 2 The windows of my office showed a nearly faultless sky, like somebody had taken a single blue cornflower petal and stretched it to fill the air above us.

Our enemies are ... \" \"Prince Cel will be executed if his people try to kill me while he\'s still being punished for the last time he tried to kill me. \" Doyle shook his head. I looked at the three of them, all handsome, even beautiful in their own ways, and suddenly I wanted to be alone. Alone to think, alone to figure out exactly whose orders they were taking, mine or Queen Andais\'s. I\'d thought it was mine, but suddenly I wasn\'t so sure. I looked at them, each in turn. Rhys met my gaze, but Nicca still wouldn\'t.

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